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Our job is to help you feel better, because getting better is the only option.

Sports Physical Therapy

This approach will include a tailored treatment plan specific to the sport you are involved in. Using our understanding of the unique demands of competitive sports of all levels to allow, you, the athlete to not only adapt and compete but do so to highest level possible.

High School Basketball Game

Strength and Conditioning

Whether you are a grandparent who wants to have the strength and stamina to pick-up and play with your grand-kids or a high level athlete who is looking to perform at your peak, the proper strength and conditioning program is essential. With the knowledge of what it takes to stimulate the body to safely adapt to work loads and physical stress we will help you elevate your performance in whatever game you play.

Sport Specific and Performance Training

Whether you are looking to increase the velocity of your kick or improve your speed and adaptability in responding to opponents, we will partner with you to get you to the level of performance that meets your potential.

Our Services: Service

General Physical Therapy and Musculoskeletal Care

We will address any limitations you have to help you regain what you lost, and then some.  This includes: limited range of motion, soft tissue restrictions that impair function, balance training and proprioception techniques to improve coordination and function.  Recovering from surgery or an injury will become a partnership that works toward regaining your life!

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