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About Us

At Engage Physical Therapy we believe getting better is the only option. Better with us means you are our first priority. We use our resources of quality care along with the relationship we create with you to make sure you reach your goals.​


Engage Physical Therapy was started as a response to our desire to help people be treated as more than just patients. The best part about the field of physical therapy, is that it offers the opportunity to develop a relationship with the people we help. Getting to know our patients is just as fun for us as helping them get better. The Engage culture is one that offers connection and community as well as everything you would need to recover physically.​


A tenant of Engage Physical Therapy is that we will always put people before protocols. Which is why partnership is key in our approach. Protocols work well in their place, but nothing beats in person connection! We will work with you to get back to the level of activity you desire. We use exercises, lasers for pain control, cutting edge Blood Flow Restriction technology as well as hands on treatment to get you back to your life at full strength.

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